More (non)Aggression

This non-aggression pact between Freddy and Virginia did get them accused of racism in the Post, but that seems to have been the only effect.

Here’s the latest dispatch from Fields guru Joe Mercurio:

“Currently Ferrer has an advantage only in name recognition. His vote is soft and is easily moved to Fields by events. Though Ferrer is know by 65% of voters his negative rating is so high that his net favorable is only 25%, while Fields has a net favorable rating of 26% (NY 1-Newsday).

“Both Ferrer and Fields are both leading Mayor Bloomberg (NY 1-Newsday). The difference in lead, a result of name recognition, will fade. Fields who was even with the mayor in December is now ahead of Bloomberg. Fields has also been consistently second among the Democratic candidates, now at 21%, up 8-points, in a four way race plus undecided (WNBC-Marist). Her progress will mean a place in the runoff and that she will be close to tied entering the Primary.

“The Diallo statement by Ferrer has not yet been factored into voters’ Primary selection. More that a third of voters and fully 56% of black voters say it would make them less likely to vote for Ferrer (NY 1-Newsday). Voters will move away from Ferrer to undecided, and then they will move to Fields because of Ferrer’s flip-flops.”

More (non)Aggression