National Freddy

The question of whether Freddy can actually make himself a national figure in a national campaign is still open, but we take the fact that his campaign leaked their latest staff hire to The Note as a mark of that effort.

Also, we weren’t counting on having to compete with the Note for this stuff. Curses.

But we can’t really complain. There’s been a lot of Freddy-staff news to go around. With the result that Freddy now has nearly a dozen people working more-or-less full-time on his campaign. The best-paid, we think, is Clanton, at $15,000 a month.

That must be more in staff expenses than all the other Democratic campaigns combined, and money that — in the world of spending caps — can’t be spent on television, mail, or other campaigning in the primary.

This is more evidence that Freddy’s camp believe its public pronouncements about their overwhelming advantage in the primary.

The general election — assuming Mike beats back his obscure challengers — won’t have a spending cap. National Freddy