NY GOP Pathos

New York City’s County Republican Parties just get sadder and sadder.

No-hope GOP mayoral challenger Steve Shaw this morning sent out a furious email complaining that the chairman of the Brooklyn Republican Party, Hy Singer, hadn’t even met with Shaw before endorsing Mike Bloomberg.

“Mr. Singer’s decision to not allow other candidates to come before the committee is all about insider politics rather than fielding the best candidate. His focus on the former above the latter is a complete disgrace.”

Gasp. How could this possibly matter?

And as for all that stuff about Tom Ognibene running for mayor, well, never mind. He managed to raise all of $21,384 for his campaign, and less than 5% of what he needs to qualify for public matching funds.

We wouldn’t typically judge a candidate by his fundraising numbers, but we know that in this case the low numbers really do represent a judgement on his candidacy by a key Republican constituency: big political donors who hate Bloomberg. Ognibene spoke to a room full of them last month at a Monday Meeting — the city’s premier conservative venue — and had he been impressive, there was enough money in the room to fund his whole campaign.

The meeting itself was off the record, but we’re told by people who heard him speak that conservatives and Republicans in the room didn’t find any reason to take him seriously. Which could explain why they didn’t cut any checks.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of this Sun story, Ognibene seems to be expressing some doubts about whether he’ll find anybody to carry his petitions.

So it sounds like the remaining question is whether Mike Long will help Tom along onto the Conservative Party line. We asked Long about this not long ago, and he told us we could take rumors of an Ognibene endorsement “almost to the bank.” NY GOP Pathos