On the Sly: Bernie’s Biopic

To channel Page Six for a moment, we hear that Bernie Kerik just had lunch with Sly Stallone at midtown’s Fresco by Scotto.

And that Stallone might be interested in playing our favorite embattled three-timing-husband/chauffeur-turned-commissioner in the movie version of Kerik’s autobiography, Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice, which was optioned by Miramax last year. (Earlier, there was talk that Russell Crowe might play the part.)

Sly may just be perfect casting – after all, back in the mid-90’s, when Bernie was hired as director of investigations at Corrections, Rudy Giuliani told the department’s then-commissioner, “Congratulations. You’ve just hired Rambo.”

Of course, at this point it looks like the movie might never get out of development hell, although we hear that it will skip the controversies and just focus on Bernie’s days as a street cop (when he was nicknamed the “Mayhem Magnet”). On the Sly: Bernie’s Biopic