Paging Adam Moss

We thought Serena Torrey, Anthony Weiner‘s ex-flack and once a near-miss Capitol Hill celebrity, worked for our archrivals over at New York Magazine.

But whatever her day job, Serena’s been spinning reporters on behalf of her old boss recently, not to mention contributing money to his campaign for Mayor. We got to experience her work firsthand today. We were working on a little item about Anthony that took place, incidentally, at a restaurant where he was having dinner with Serena. (Apparently they’re still in touch.) So we called Anthony’s spokesman for comment.

While we were waiting for the spokesman, however, we got an instant message from Serena. She then worked frantically behind the scenes to kill the story, which wasn’t half as interesting as her reaction to it.

Anyway, perhaps Serena’s connections mean that New York Magazine will check back in on the Mayor’s race one of these days. Paging Adam Moss