Pollock: Tremendous Ferrer Overwhelms

Freddy Ferrer‘s pollster, Jef Pollock, is sounding rather confident in this email that just found its way into our inbox:

“To: Friends of Fernando Ferrer
From: Jefrey Pollock, Ferrer Campaign Pollster
Date: March 22, 2005

“The polls are in, and Fernando Ferrer continues to dominate in both the general election and the Democratic primary. In the most recent NY1/Newsday poll, Ferrer leads Mike Bloomberg by an astonishing 49% to 35% and leads in all 5 boroughs. In the WNBC/Marist survey released today, Ferrer is also capturing 49% of the general election vote and the Mayor’s approval rating has dropped by a net 5 points since December. On the issues Ferrer has been discussing — public schools, transportation, taxes, helping those in need and the West Side stadium — a majority of voters believe Bloomberg is failing to get the job done, according to WNBC/Marist.

“For Ferrer to be this close to the magic 50% mark this far away from the election portend tremendous challenges for a Republican Mayor in a Democratic city, his sizable pocketbook not withstanding. In addition, in the Democratic primary, there has been little movement in the polls over the last year with Ferrer showing consistently strong support and the other candidates struggling to gain traction. Ferrer continues to overwhelm his primary opponents — garnering as much of the vote as the other three candidates combined in the NY1/Newsday poll and standing at 39% in the WNBC/Marist poll, just one point below the 40% he needs to win the primary outright.

“While we know that polls will go up and down over the coming months,there is little doubt that Freddy sits in a tremendous position to win both the primary and the general election.”

The person who forwarded this to us wasn’t quite buying it.

“This is like the Cubs having a World Series parade in April to celebrate a 12-6 start,” he wrote. Pollock: Tremendous Ferrer Overwhelms