Pollster’s Nightmare

Whoever is doing the polling for the Atlantic Yards project had the misfortune of reaching the leader of the opposition, who caught the exchange on tape.

The pollster appears to be testing various pro-arena messages, and Patti Hagan isn’t exactly swayed. The Brooklyn Papers has the whole exchange here.

Pollster: This arena would be the centerpiece of a large commercial and residential complex that would be built on the same site. It would include retail stores, office space and more than 4,000 units of housing for all levels of income and needs.The retail stores and office buildings would be located adjacent to the arena at Flatbush and Atlantic avenues. The residential units would be built along Atlantic Avenue between Sixth Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue and part of the project, six acres of land in and around the site, would be landscaped and made into public open space. Having heard more information, do you favor or oppose plans to build a sports arena for the Nets basketball team and a commercial and residential development at this site in Brooklyn?

Hagan: I absolutely oppose the whole damn thing!

Pollster: OK.

Hagan: And by the way, that doesn’t say that they’re going to destroy the homes and offices and businesses of more than a thousand people, and just kick them out of this neighborhood. They don’t say that.

Pollster: OK, now let me read you some different opinions about this project….

It goes on and on.

Pollster’s Nightmare