Return of the Hat King

We have a few thoughts on Roberto’s recording a Ferrer campaign meeting onto the voicemail of a New York Times reporter.

1-We, too, have voicemail. The number is 212 407 9363. Roberto, Kevin, Joe, David — feel free.

2-The content of Roberto’s meeting is about as sensational as Doug Wead’s expose of just how saintly George Bush really is. (They think they’re going to win the primary! They plan to raise a lot of money! And what polite people they all are!) And so, we admit that for a moment, we shared the paranoid suspicion Mickey Kaus expressed about Wead. Kaus suggested that the “The treachery is that Doug Wead waited until after the election.” But Roberto couldn’t be that tricky. Could he?

3-We can venture a guess as to the identiy of the anonymous “associate” who said: “We could get hats made with their names, a special team.” Who could it be but Carl McCall’s Hat King, and Freddy’s patron, Bill Wachtel? Return of the Hat King