Rudy Goes South

So apparently, they read the New York Observer in South Carolina.

The Note reported this morning that S.C. State Rep. Tracy Edge pronounced himself “shocked and disappointed to learn that Mayor Giuliani charged our state hospital association $100,000 to speak at an event to benefit tsunami victims.”

ABC News just put up some more detail in an interview with Edge, a Republican who was referring to our story this week.

The Observer’s Joseph Tuzzo stopped by Rudy’s press conference this afternoon, and Rudy was asked about Edge’s call.

GIULIANI: I asked [the South Carolina Hospital Association] how much should be donated. I doubled that. And if they feel more should be donated, I’d be happy to do it. I will talk to them and find out, but the discussion should be with the Hospital Association. They understand the economics of their event, and we will do anything that they want, like we did in the past….

Q: Do you think on your own, because of all that’s been brought to your attention that you do want to return the $80,000?

GIULIANI: Not until I talk to them. I’d like to see what they feel is the right thing to do because they know the economics of their event and we’ll make sure we do what they feel is the right thing to do. Rudy Goes South