Senor Swanky’s Revenge

One of the hazards of being a Borough President is that everybody ignores you. Another is that community newspapers don’t ignore you.

Freddy has a problem like this in the Bronx, and here in Manhattan The Villager doesn’t think Virginia stands a chance as mayor if, as the paper claims, she can’t police her own community boards in Manhattan.

Apparently, the head of Community Board Two’s committee that oversees beer and liquor license applications is also the owner of a couple of bars, Senor Swanky’s and Garage Restaurant. And even after the City’s Confict of Interest Board ruled that bar owners shouldn’t decide who gets liquor licenses, Virginia’s office remained silent.

The Villager opines, “If Fields, a candidate for mayor, can’t oversee and police the community boards — one of her main responsibilities as B.P. — how could she run the city’s government?” Senor Swanky’s Revenge