The Gaspard Primary

The Ferrer campaign made three minor hires today — or, as the Post would have it, landed a Key Black Strategist or two. But we hear the staffer Ferrer’s team really covets is Patrick Gaspard, Dennis Rivera’s well-reputed political hand, currently the political director for Rivera’s powerhouse union, SEIU Local 1199.

Hiring Gaspard, a discreet guy who runs what many see as the best political operation in town, would indicate that Freddy will have the same all-out backing from 1199 he enjoyed in 2001, and that Rivera (and Gaspard) like his chances in November. So far, it’s been hard to tell where Dennis stands, though he did let one of his staffers — Patrick Brennan — take a job with Mike.

But we note that Gaspard’s name isn’t on the press release the campaign was kind enough to send over. So, in our overstated political reporter’s way, we wonder whether there isn’t a Gaspard Primary going on — the contestants most likely being Freddy and nobody — with the outcome determined by the judgement of Gaspard and his boss on Freddy’s political prospects. No Gaspard would hardly be a vote of confidence.

(Yes, we expect 10% of that raise you’re getting, Patrick.)

For the record, the others going on board are Scott Schell, Leonard Joseph, and Nicole Landset. All, we trust, Key Black Strategists.

The Gaspard Primary