The Plot Against Rudy

We’ve been surprised, though perhaps we shouldn’t have been, about how rapidly the Conservative Movement turned from the 2004 election to its central task of 2008: kneecapping Rudy.

We called around earlier this year to find that the American Conservative Union had already snubbed Rudy — and that their leader was glad to talk about it — and we gathered some choice quotes from other conservative leaders.

“We don’t want to nominate The New York Times’ favorite Republican,” is how direct-mail man Richard Viguerie put it.

Now the drumbeat is continuing in the form of “The Quotable Rudolph W. Giuliani,” a four-page handout being circulated by Conservative Party member and one-time Rudy challenger George Marlin.

The Culture of Life Foundation offers some excerpts, and this one gives the flavor:

“…a quote from the New York Newsday of Sept. 1, 1989 in which Giuliani says that ‘I’d give my daughter the money for it [an abortion].'”

It only occurs to us that the Right wouldn’t be going after Rudy so hard if its gatekeepers weren’t very afraid. The Plot Against Rudy