The Weiner Freelancers

We’re glad to see that Anthony‘s congressional staff can write, and all the better if they’re not worrying about being on message.

His former deputy chief of staff, Ben Holzer, penned this opinion piece in Sunday’s City Section about his experience at a Knicks home game in early March. Bottom line: “One of the strangest, most disturbing, least satisfying sporting experiences possible.”

Not sure how Anthony’s allies over at Cablevision, who — oh yes — own the Knicks, felt about it.

And now we see that Weiner’s legislative director, Marc Dunkelman, has an op-ed in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette lambasting the Democratic Party.

“We need to begin to follow the rhythms of sermons given in Midwestern churches. We need to dig into what keeps Red America up at night, Dunkleman writes. “We need to make a clear break from the sense of entitlement and prissy idealism that falls flat in the heartland. Let’s get tough on juvenile crime, and create a new national program to make sure that delinquent kids are forced to give back to the communities they burden.

“And let’s embrace faith, promoting our own version of charitable choice that separates us from those on the far left who see ‘Under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance as an imminent threat to American civil liberties.” The Weiner Freelancers