Weiner’s Catwalk

Forget all those donations the NYPD heaped on would-be mayor Freddy Ferrer. Three days after this season’s mayoral contenders filed their most recent batch of campaign finance reports with the Campaign Finance Board, we’re still scratching our heads over the fact that a gaggle of modeling agency execs funneled some handsome campaign contributions to Rep. Congressman Anthony Weiner.

What, we’ve been asking ourselves, could the fashion faithful possible want from the congressman? A union contract for the beautiful people? A special Department of Fashionista Services? Or could it possibly be … that face!

“It’s because he’s extremely handsome,” explained Weiner spokesperson Anson Kaye when asked why reps from five modeling agencies, including Elite Model Management, known for launching the careers of such leggy beauties as Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer, had coughed up some hefty cash for the congressman’s coffers.

Cat-walk contributors:
Elite Model Management, Theresa De Rosa – $1250
Karin Models of America – $1000
Major Model Management, Katia Meterfi-Sherman & Elizabeth Gubitosi – $2500
Next Model Management, Faith Kogan – $1250
New York Model Management – $1000 Weiner’s Catwalk