Who Cares If He Cares?

The Politicker’s secret polling analyst checked in this morning with an interesting footnote to today’s Q-Poll.

Our correspondent noted that Quinnipiac leads its own analysis with the statistic that 52% of voters say Mike doesn’t care about their needs and problems, while 62% say Freddy cares.

The Democrats quickly jumped on that with a press release echoing the Q-Poll, and adding “out of touch Republican billionaire.”

But if you look at the 2001 exit polls, our analyst argues, this may not be the killer line of attack.

Back then, only 11% of New York City voters cited “he cares about people like me” as the candidate quality that mattered most in their vote. (Mark Green won those voters by approximately two to one.) “Understands the city and its problems” was cited by 21%, “right experience” by 19%, “strong leader” by 15%), and “not a typical politician” by (14%). All beat out “cares about people like me.”

We’re not sure how self-aware people really are on how they vote, but our analyst puts some stock in that. And so, we were asked:

“Don’t you get the sense that Bloomberg’s billionaire status is already pretty much baked into the electorate’s thinking about him? Do you think the ‘out of touch billionaire’ message is going to be enough to convince voters to fire Bloomberg?” Who Cares If He Cares?