Wonkette on Clanton

Those New York Times “Public Lives” profiles are, in the political world at least, the equivalent of a large bulls-eye on your back. We have this vague feeling that Ed Skyler learned that at some point, and today’s the turn of Ferrer spokesman Chad Clanton.

And Wonkette, who’s in charge of these things, wasn’t feeling particularly kind today:

“[W]e can’t say if the political consulting skills he learned at the foot of James Carville are working for Ferrer, the Carville-esque self-promotional skills sure are. The article focuses heavily on the “boyish” Clanton’s accent and his affection (or is that “affectation”) for Southern sodie pop Dr. Pepper. It ends with him quoting Dale Earnhardt. Thank God they ended the interview before Clanton jumped down a turn and picked a bale of cotton.

“Also, somewhere, David Brooks is crying.” Wonkette on Clanton