2001 Rehash

Veterans of the last mayoral round are buzzing a bit about a coming New York Times re-examination of 2001.

We’re hoping the story answers the only open question that’s still relevant: what sort of aid, if any, did Freddy’s supporters supply to Mike in the final days of the campaign?

Many of Mark Green’s old supporters still quietly blame Freddy for Mark’s loss. It’s a line of thinking stated most clearly by Mike Tomasky in a 2003 column: “Once Ferrer lost the runoff, he and his allies determined that Green had to lose.”

We weren’t there, and don’t know what happened. We haven’t seen any evidence for a Ferrer-Bloomberg coalition beyond a flier Mike sent out praising Freddy’s run (“He made H istory.”) and Roberto’s shutting down the Bronx Democrats’ operation on election day.

But we think it would be worthwhile to confirm, or debunk, this line of argument. So we’re hoping the Times, or someone, will clear this up for us.

2001 Rehash