Acorn (Sorta) Endorses Mike

Bertha Lewis, the executive director of the liberal activist group ACORN, stood with Mike and Bill Thompson at a press conference today announcing new money for housing subsidies. And she managed to, sorta, endorse both of them for Mayor.

“We definitely look forward to a future administration after you’re gone,” Lewis said, nodding to Thompson at the “future administration” line.

“In five years,” Bloomberg quickly added.

“In five years,” Lewis agreed.

Now, we wonder whether Acorn just might be getting a piece of that expansive Bloomberg campaign budget for doing the political work that has proven a lucrative sideline in the past.

UPDATE: Or not! Bertha emails : “Your blog today was nowhere near ‘sort of’ correct. I did not sort of endorse Bloomberg or Thompson….These are 2 of the only people that could have delivered that money for affordable housing, so they did theright thing and I was glad to say it….We just stood with Giff Miller on not sunsetting the Personal Income Tax surcharge, didn’t hear anything about us cashing in with his field operation, and oh by the way, when Bloomberg said ‘5 more years,’ I did say , ‘yeah, right, 5 more years.’ Sort of an endorsement? Yeah, right!”

Acorn (Sorta) Endorses Mike