Countdown to Bliss

Roy Halee Jr. and Yvonne Miller

Met: 1998 Engaged: Dec. 31, 2004 Projected Wedding Date: April 23, 2005

At long last, some good news for CBS! Roy Halee, Jr., 46, post-production mixer for 60 Minutes, is marrying Yvonne Miller, 46, an associate producer for the show’s Wednesday edition-to the surprise of their coworkers, who knew nothing of the relationship. “When we announced our engagement. People were like, ‘Who are you engaged to?'” Ms. Miller said with a laugh.

She long harbored a crush from afar on the athletic-looking, dark-haired, dark-eyed Mr. Halee (son of the legendary Simon and Garfunkel producer Roy Halee Sr.). “I always thought he was handsome and a real gentleman,” she said, singling out his “sparkling smile.” One day they struck up a conversation in the hall and discovered that they both hailed from Southern California. Mr. Halee found the half-Mexican, half-German Ms. Miller “very pretty” and invited her soon afterwards to a barbecue at his townhouse in Irvington-on-Hudson. “I was completely taken aback,” said Ms. Miller, a young widow who married her late husband at age 19. “I was moving that weekend, but I made sure to scramble and get out there.”

When she arrived, there was only one other couple present. “To play chaperone,” Mr. Halee said. There was swimming, tennis, food, laughter and general all-around fun.

The next day, Ms. Miller’s phone rang. It was Mr. Halee, displaying a promptness rare to the New York male. “I was so excited that he called,” she said. There began a clandestine romance conducted at a courtly pace. “He’d ask me out a week in advance,” she said. “He’d never presume anything.”

The Eye brass was totally clueless, as is their wont (kidding!). “We kept it pretty quiet,” Mr. Halee said. “If we’d see each other in the hall, we’d just sort of wave to each other.” Soon Ms. Miller was spending more and more time away from her Upper West Side studio in favor of the Irvington house, where she bonded closely with Mr. Halee’s dachshund and aged border collie.

And in due time, Mr. Halee proposed at their favorite local restaurant, Fuffi, instructing the maitre d’ to place a family ring (procured from Ms. Miller’s sister) atop her lemon sorbet.

“This is it,” he said when the dessert arrived, eyes watering.

“You have to ask me, Roy,” Ms. Miller said gently.

She moved to the ‘burbs last month (they commute together, awww) and are planning a wedding at Saint Barnabas Church in Irvington with a reception to follow at the Westchester Marriott. A Tiffany solitaire diamond set in platinum has been subbed for the family ring.

“He had a pretty privileged upbringing which is the complete opposite of mine,” Ms. Miller said of her husband-to-be. “But I feel like our values are completely the same.”

“I knew she was the one right away, and I’ve waited a long time,” Mr. Halee said. “She’s very organized and precise, and I’m a Capricorn so I take direction really well.”

Kristen Baldwin and Joseph Holmgren

Met: March 3, 2003 Engaged: Oct. 7, 2004 Projected Wedding Date: Sept. 24, 2005

Kristen Baldwin, 32, the fetching redheaded TV features editor at Entertainment Weekly, is marrying Joe Holmgren, 30, a dark-haired, hazel-eyed psychiatry resident at NYU School of Medicine. The wedding will take place at Crabtree’s Kittle House, a bed and breakfast in Chappaqua, with Ms. Baldwin’s male best friend as the “gay of honor,” as she put it. The bride will wear a V-necked Dimitrios dress she bought off the rack at Macy’s. “I don’t have the boobs for strapless,” she said.

“That’s not true,” put in the chivalrous Dr. Holmgren.

They met through Dr. Holmgren was pleased that Ms. Baldwin’s profile stated that she wasn’t a Republican, wasn’t only open to dating white men (he is of Norwegian descent, but enlightened) and didn’t have height issues, since he is “5’9″ in the morning, if you round up.”

Ms. Baldwin was impressed by his subsequent introductory email. “Funny and self-deprecating,” she said. It was also spell-checked and typo-free-“which for me was very important, being an editor,” she said.

They met for coffee at the Coffee Pot in Hell’s Kitchen, followed by ironic grilled-cheese sandwiches at Howard Johnson’s in Times Square. “I was disappointed when it was over,” Dr. Holmgren said of the date.

After their second assignation, at Cafe Mogador on St. Mark’s Place, Ms. Baldwin called her remaining suitors to cancel. About a month later, the pair took the ultimate online dater’s commitment plunge: removing their respective profiles from the site. “As you go through any relationship, you’re looking to find the bodies under the house,” Ms. Baldwin said. “But there weren’t any bodies!

“At some point,” she added sagely, “you just have to stop looking.”

Dr. Holmgren proposed while they were vacationing in Tucson, Ariz., atop a large rock during a sunset nature walk in Saguaro National Park. “Honey?” he began, nervously fingering the rectangular Lucida-cut, platinum-set diamond they’d selected together at Tiffany’s.

“I knew as soon as he said it, because it was that fraught-with-meaning ‘honey,'” Ms. Baldwin told the Love Beat.

They celebrated with take-out from Taco Bell washed down by champagne slurped from miniature bottles.

The couple is scouting a two-bedroom on the Upper East Side while they learn more about their domestic patterns-she is straight-talking, he is mellow. “She calls me on my evasions in a way that I enjoy,” Dr. Holmgren said. “It’s sort of like a fun sparring match sometimes.”

Recently, they were watching an episode of Wife Swap together at Ms. Baldwin’s Upper West Side one-bedroom. “It’s really interesting to watch these families and see how they retreat into their defenses when they’re challenged,” remarked our budding Freud.

Ms. Baldwin had a different interpretation. “I’m looking at it like ‘Ha ha, the messy woman has to live in the clean woman’s house,'” she said. Countdown to Bliss