Fulani, and a Pataki Pass

The American Jewish Congress is keeping up the heat on the pols who do business with Lenora Fulani. They’re calling on officials to refuse the party’s line if Fulani doesn’t resign. (They misidentify her as “head” of the Independence Party, which isn’t technically true, but never mind.)

We wonder whether Chuck and Eliot will drop the line, taking away the cover they’ve given Mike; or whether Mike will jump first, leaving his Democratic friends behind.

One line in the press release did catch our eye, from our friend Jeff Wiesenfeld, co-President of the New York arm of the AJCongress.

“Fulani and party leader Fred Newman ought to be thrown out of the party and not given a home, especially one where mainstream public leaders like Senator Charles Schumer, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer or Mayor Michael Bloomberg lend them any bit of credibility.”

Hmm. Didn’t Wiesenfeld’s old boss, one Mr. Pataki, seek that line rather avidly in 2002?

Fulani, and a Pataki Pass