Help Solve Hillary Mystery!

The prosecutors looking into Hillary Clinton’s 2000 fundraising seem to have given the Sun a lead on a serious political mystery.

The details of the Clinton case are extremely technical, but leaked prosecution court filings reveal a “mystery witness” in the case against Clinton fundraiser David Rosen. This witness is a family member of a prominent Democrat whom the Justice Department has apparently been using as an informant in investigations of at least two other political figures, we assume Democrats, since 2002.

This person — the Sun suggests it’s a man, based on one reference to “he” — is working for the feds to escape prosecution on bank fraud charges. Here are the clues:

-Related to “an extremely prominent and well-known political figure.”
-Active in fundraising for the Democratic Party.
-Assisted in the U.S. Senate campaign of Hillary Clinton.
-Also used in an investigation in Louisiana involving a state senator and a $5 million state contract.
-Also used in an investigation into a prominent Democrat suspected of laundering contributions from foreign nationals.

Given the Louisiana connection, it should be possible to figure out who this person is, no? And we can already hear the words “fishing expedition” sounding from the Democratic side of the aisle.

Help Solve Hillary Mystery!