Hillary Moves…?

So there was a big fuss a few months ago when Hillary said some banal things about finding “common ground” on abortion. Stories about how she’s moving to the center, although she hadn’t modified any positions on the issue.

Now she has a chance to actually take a conservative position on abortion. That would be news.

People who follow the issue are watching Senators’ positions on the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, which passed the House this week. The bill makes it a crime to transport a teen across state lines to get an abortion.

The bill passed with some bipartisan support, but is, um, unpopular, among abortion-rights advocates. Jerry Nadler suggested it should be called the “Rapists and Sexual Predators Right to Sue Act.”

If you really buy the “Hillary Moves Right” storyline, here’s one to hold your breath for.

Hillary Moves…?