More Gay Problems for Freddy

We’ve been sent a copy of a flyer that will be circulating at the mayoral forum at the Gay Center tonight. Freddy rebutted the controversy over his 1986 votes pretty convincingly last week.

This time, Freddy’s endorsement of anti-gay State Senator Ruben Diaz last year is the issue. Outrage! is the general theme.

Freddy is quoted as saying, “When it’s between him and a former criminal defendant who was charged with ripping off people including people with AIDS in the Bronx, easy for me, easy for me.”

Now we have some sympathy with Freddy here. He and Diaz are hardly pals, and he’s taken real shit from Diaz for backing gay rights.

Still, corruption isn’t always a good enough reason to oppose someone. Remember when David Duke ran against Edwin Edwards for Governor of Louisiana? The Edwards bumper stickers said, “Vote for the crook. It’s important.”

More Gay Problems for Freddy