Mystery Poll

There’s something a bit odd about the reports of a “push-poll” recorded by a Brooklyn woman, and allegedly aimed at smearing Freddy.

It seems incredibly unlikely that Mike would pull something like this in April. But the poll sounds real, and the kinds of messages being tested — “Freddy Ferrer has run a divisive campaign that is tearing the city apart, while Mike Bloomberg is bringing people together” — are the kind of things pollsters test.

But it seems odd that there’s only one message — the pro-Mike, anti-Freddy message — available, according to the transcript and tape, part of which is online here.

This suggests to us that either that the tape has been edited to make it appear to be a push-poll (and it was supplied and posted to the web by Bloomberg enemies); and/or that it was done by someone with very limited resources. That wouldn’t be Mike and his pollsters, Penn & Schoen. (Stu also denies the Bloomberg campaign had anything to do with this.)

Here’s the take of Jonathan Trichter, who runs the Pace Poll:

“The survey is too short to have come from Bloomberg’s Cadillac of a pollster. More likely, it’s a special interest group trying to model the general election campaign between Michael Bloomberg and Freddy Ferrer. That way they can figure out the right horse to endorse. Pardon the mixed metaphor.”

Mystery Poll