Randy Daniels

We agree with the Sun’s editorial line today that Randy Daniels is in many ways a serious guy, and too quickly dismissed in some circles.

But we wish he and his interpreters would get together a coherent narrative of how he came to be who he is, because we don’t quite understand it.

Here’s the Sun’s version:

“He became a reporter for CBS News and worked for Democrats such as Atlanta’s Andrew Young and New York’s Mark Green before moving toward the conservative end of the political spectrum, inspired in part by a stint covering Ronald Reagan and by face-to-face experience, as a reporter, covering the horrors of communism.”

A correspondent is skeptical:

“He was so inspired by Reagan that he worked for Mark Green 6 years after Reagan came into office, then worked for Democrat Andrew Stein and then attempted to join the Dinkins administration 3 years after Reagan left office. He remained a Democrat until becoming a spokesman for well known conservative thinker Abe Hirschfeld.” Randy Daniels