Read About 2008 and 2009 Now

For those of us who can’t wait for 2008 and 2009, we offer two items for your reading enjoyment: a novel based on a Hillary-Condoleeza 2008 race, and a 2-page spread on Bill Thompson’s presumptive mayoral run in 2009.

The main characters of “The Color of Demons“(!), due out May 1, are “modeled on Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice.” According to the authors, brothers David and Nathan Martin, “Few things excite the hearts and minds of the thinking and reading public as a presidential campaign…[so] we paired up the most scintillating candidates we could think of.”


But if that’s too much of a beach read, there’s always this week’s Our Town profile on the city comptroller, titled “The Mayor in Waiting?” In the article Bill explains why he, and Betsy are not facing Republican challengers: ” ‘it’s not to Mike Bloomberg’s advantage’ to have a candidate on that ballot line, he thinks.”

The article goes on to quote the Republican-friendly former Mayor Ed Koch saying, “following the re-election of Bloomberg, Bill Thompson will be a candidate for mayor, and he will win.”

Read About 2008 and 2009 Now