Sour Grapes

Daniel Libeskind spoke today at the NYC College of Technology (where our Joe Tuzzo was taking notes), and when asked to respond to the Post’s recent editorial blitz over the slow pace of rebuilding down at Ground Zero, the bespectacled architect retreated into the realms of poetry:

“It’s no different from the process in which oil is produced from olives or wine from grapes. You put these things under great pressure, they resist the pressure, and the dregs get lost, and you keep the essential product of struggle and pressure… A lot of people today talk about too much stress, but if you really look at world history, the world has always had wars, injustice, rape, hunger – that has never changed, what has changed is how human beings act under pressure.” Uh, O.K.

On a more practical level, he did indicate that there was plenty of flexibility left in the plan to deal with Goldman Sachs’ recent stop-action: “All I can tell you is that there are many alternatives for the tunnel, there are alternatives for the site… We were on course, right on schedule, till about now.” Sour Grapes