Web Log

There’s some honor in having a Web site created with the sole intention of attacking you. And now, Gifford Miller joins Virginia Fields in the league of Adam Nagourney and our old colleagues at the New York Sun.

We actually find it kind of encouraging that somebody cares enough about the race to devote so much energy to this. But if Virginia’s staff must wish they’d grabbed www.virginiafields.com before their attackers could, there’s no way Giff could have seen www.gifmillermanofaction.com coming.

Gifford does seem to be benefiting from affirmative action on this front. The link on the Fields site reads: “Racist? Sexist? Some would think so. So we found our favorite clueless white male that is Fields’ equal.”

Oh, and before you get any ideas, we’ll just go register www.politickersucks.com, thank you very much. Web Log