What Will It Take

For Lenora Fulani to get herself cast back beyond the pale? Well, she gave it her best shot on NY1 News last night. We look forward to the reactions of all her many good friends — Mike, Chuck, Eliot, etc.

The whole exchange between her and Dominic Carter is here, and is worth a read, as is Bob Hardt’s amused/astonished commentary.

But the bottom line is that Carter repeatedly asked Fulani about a New Alliance Party publication that said Jews “had to sell their souls to acquire Israel and are required to do the dirtiest work of capitalism – to function as mass murderers of people of color – in order to keep it.”

Fulani’s response: “What is anti-Semitic about it? … That quote in my opinion isn’t anti-Semitic. It’s raising issues that I think need to be explored.”

Also, here’s the ADL report from which the quote is drawn.

Anyway, we’re sure to be reminded that she’s just another member of that great institution, the Independence Party. Never mind this photo.

UPDATE: One correspondent tells us that the best Fulani-and-politicians pictures are here.

What Will It Take