White Female Candidate ISO HRC

While most political websites are full of the partisan rhetoric we so enjoy, State Attorney General candidate Denise O’Donnell’s site caught us a bit off guard with its candor.

Under the headline, “One break will be the willingness of white women voters to embrace a qualified fresh female face,” O’Donnell ‘s camp tries to lobby for Hillary’s support.

“Even Senator Clinton would benefit from backing O’Donnell in this race – it would be hard for anyone to criticize her for supporting another woman for a statewide seat – particularly a prosecutor.

“But the bigger break may be with the Black vote – a key primary constituency,” O’Donnell’s camp writes.

“With the right introductions, O’Donell’s attitude and resume may resonate with Black community leaders. To fully exploit the vacuum here, however, O’Donnell will need bucks. Every political effort in our community on behalf of a white non-incumbent candidate requires real dollars and a serious field operation.”

White Female Candidate ISO HRC