Wiesenfeld: Fuck ‘Em All

CUNY Trustee and UNDC Board Member Jeff Wiesenfeld asked us to post his response to our item, and to the series of nasty comments following it, about his attendance at a breakfast for Eliot Spitzer hosted by the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty:

“I believe in Met Council – I have attended and will continue to attend all of their events regardless of their speaker.

“My loyalty to George Pataki in all that he does requires no proclamation.

“As to your anonymous commentators, here’s something for the record…’Fuck ’em all.'”

He added:

“Hey – Isac Abraham: why don’t you sign your name? Everyone knows it’s you. You’re the dog of Williamsburg. If not for Norman Rosenbaum, who would spit on you?”

Wiesenfeld: Fuck ‘Em All