Yes or No

Another day, another Freddy press conference returns to his increasingly poisonous standoff with the press.

Today, it was Carl McCall’s endorsement of Freddy. It was all going well until Dave Evans noticed that Carl had said he and Freddy have different opinions on the Diallo shooting.

Carl was happy to give his position, which was very clear: “I thought it was a crime, a jury has not said it wasn’t.”

Freddy, instead of agreeing or disagreeing or giving an equally clear position, again took “responsibility” for the “confusion,” which is an odd thing to do when you think about it. Why not clear up the confusion, rather than try to own it?

This reminds us of an email we sent Chad Clanton the other day, asking for a yes or no answer on this question. No dice, we got a paragraph.

Anyway, Bill Lynch doesn’t want to own this mess. He got in the middle of a scrum of reporters after the press conference and was asked repeatedly about why Freddy wouldn’t just answer yes or no.

“I’m advising Mr. Ferrer, not running his campaign,” he responded.

Yes or No