Almost Famous

It was just a coincidence that ticket lines started for the latest Star Wars installment just as a certain Politicker intern started appearing less frequently at political events.

But word that public policy princess Lindsay Lohan was set to endorse Giff lured us, our more respectable colleagues, and some fashion photographers to the Chelsea nightclub Suede last night.

While we enjoyed rubbing elbows with Democratic faithful David Gallagher (“In light of the presidential election, it feels good supporting the Democratic Party”), some guy from the TV-show JAG (“I was in town shooting a movie…and stopped in”) and an NSYNC guy (rumor has it, he sings as good as Giff), we didn’t get our expected dose of politics or paparazzi .

Lohan was a no show. Giff didn’t sing.

Star Wars was a better bet. We know for sure one princess will always be there.

Almost Famous