Andrew Rasiej

The tecchies’ candidate for Public Advocate — Free Wi-Fi for all! — is one of the best things that ever happened to the New York blogosphere, moneywise.

His ads have been popping up all over our morning Internet reading, and according to this report, “his online ad buy includes more than 100 Google AdWords keywords–including his opponents’ names, several creative misspellings of his own name, and a gaggle of prominent New York politicians. The blogs on which Rasiej is advertising include DailyKos, MyDD, and TalkingPointsMemo–all prominent Democratic blogs. The campaign also has purchased the first full buy of the New York City network of blogs on Blogads–22 independent blogs by New Yorkers, which offers a week of ad strips for $601. The buys on appear only on the New York/Region page, and are geo-targeted at readers within the five Boroughs.”

Now, we’re not sure how many votes this is worth. Either those 22 New York blogs don’t have many readers (and we, who sort of live in the blogosphere, would have a hard time naming 22 well-read city blogs), or that $601 is the best deal outside Gray’s Papaya.

But Rasiej consultant Dan Gerstein tells us that all this spending squares with Rasiej’s promise not to self-finance, and that Rasiej will pay back anything he lends the campaign with $100-and-less donations that flow through the site.

“We consider this a smart investment to communicate with people about Andrew’s big ideas and his vision and to generate excitement among the people who are the natural constituency for his message,” he said.

Andrew Rasiej