Anonymous Flyer Redux

As you may recall, Mike’s campaign got a notarized pledge from an operative involved in the 2001 Sharpton flyer meltdown, pledging that he won’t be involved in this year’s campaign.

And as predicted, it didn’t take very long for that implicit condemnation of the “racist” Mark Green campaign to come back to bite the Mayor.

Now, the Daily News reports, Mike’s own direct mail guy — he hasn’t been hired yet for this campaign, but he worked on the last one and on the nonpartisan elections fight — has anonymous flyer problems too. In that case, the flyer implied his opponent in a San Francisco city supervisor race last fall was an anti-Semite; the flier prominently featured a swastika.

The swastika flier was such a big deal in San Francisco that several religious leaders took out an ad denouncing it. The Politicker has obtained a copy of that ad, and you can see it here. Anonymous Flyer Redux