Barbara Baer’s Proposal

Neither Virginia nor Mike made it to the education forum in Park Slope last night (the other candidates did), but one of the more interesting dialogues of the night took place between them.

The participants were, in fact, longtime Fields aide Barbara Baer and an empty chair with a sign reading “Education Mayor” taped to it. Ms. Baer took the jab at Bloomberg literally.

“You put a top-down system into place and you didn’t do anything for the kids,” she told the chair.

She also laid out the first thing resembling a serious policy proposal to come out of the Fields camp; we hadn’t heard this before from Virginia herself, though perhaps she’s said it somewhere.

The plan was an education proposal called “Smart,” an acronym for:

Smaller Classes
Massive Intervention
Academic Involvement
Recruitment and Retention of Teachers

Sounds like a policy proposal to us, though this seemed an odd way to debut it. Barbara Baer’s Proposal