Brecht Award: Gale Brewer

We haven’t given out a Brecht Award for a while, probably because we haven’t been spending enough time at the Observer’s City Hall desk.

That’s where we found this one:

May 25, 2005 — At today’s Stated Meeting of the New York City Council, Council Member Gale A. Brewer (D-Manhattan) introduced legislation that would represent a major gain in the City’s fight against a growing bed bug infestation. In addition to banning the sale of reconditioned matresses, Brewer’s legislation would create a Bed Bug Task Force that would be responsible for monitoring the scope of this dynamic problem and developing the long-term policy solutions needed to curb the spread of this infestation.

“Bed bugs are already a huge threat to New York City residents, and have a real potential to be a menace to the City’s economy,” said Brewer….

(What’s the penalty for being snarky about bed bug legislation again? Oh, right. Bed bugs.)

Brecht Award: Gale Brewer