Brecht Nominee: David Jones

We were wondering when somebody would rise to the bait Charles Barron has floated out there in the case of escaped cop-killer Joanne Chesimard.

Barron, who serves on the side as Virginia’s one-man shock brigade, wants clemency for Chesimard, who shot a New Jersey cop dead in 1973 and later fled to Cuba.

David Jones, the president of the New Jersey State Troopers Fraternal Association, differs in a press release sent our way (no link available), and wins himself a nomination for the Politicker’s Brecht Award:

“Hitler had his Goebbels, Saddam Hussein had his Tariq Aziz, and now Joanne Chesimard has her Mr. Barron. People of ill will who promote terrorism and try to disguise their criminality by wrapping it in a cause are nothing new…. Saddam tried the same thing when he gassed 150,000 Kurds and Hitler blamed the slaughter of six million people on their religion. So this ill-informed politician is doing nothing different than any of the other self-serving lackeys of terrorist causes.”

Given the degree to which, in a New York Mayor’s race, candidates can be made to own their supporters (think Bloomberg and Fulani, Ferrer and Sharpton), it seems fair to ask Virginia what she thinks of this stuff.

Brecht Nominee: David Jones