Dawn Eden, Continued

We took some heat over the weekend for questioning the wisdom of the Daily News in giving Dawn Eden a column. Her colleague Derek Rose wrote that we want to blacklist social conservatives. Others thought we were being intolerant of her faith. And somebody suggested that maybe we should let her write a column before jumping on her.

We’d just note that our original post wasn’t about setting rules for who should write for New York papers; it was about the News, a New York institution that’s desperately trying to break its chains to an aging, dying, readership. That means the paper, which employs some of the smartest journalists in town, needs to be part of the city’s ongoing conversation.

And the questions of whether homosexuality is a sin, a perversion, or the fault of Sponge-Bob just aren’t part of that conversation. It’s not that they’re forbidden topics. It’s that they’re irrelevant topics, settled questions, to the readers they’re hoping to attract.

Anyway, Eden’s first column ran Sunday. (The nominal topic is blogs! Guess who won’t be getting a plug…)

Nothing on the gays. But in her survey of the Inter-Web, Eden does make one foray into politics:

“Guess which nonprofit proudly proclaims its support for ‘the deemphasis on bilateral military alliances and spheres of influence in favor of strengthening the international peacekeeping role of the UN?’

“Yup. It’s those radical internationalists at the YWCA. Matt of Overtaken By Events (overtaken.blogmosis.com) notes, ‘If you were confused when little Sally came home from her swimming class and burned her training bra, wonder no longer.'”

Daily News, paper of the future.

Dawn Eden, Continued