Democracy for Giff

The rump of the Howard Dean campaign, organized as Democracy for NYC, put together an impressive turnout of 100 or so people on a rainy Sunday night. So Wonderland, a club in the East 20s, was pretty crowded for last night’s mayoral forum, particularly once you added most of Gifford‘s staff and much of The Politicker’s staff.

Even without packing the house, it was — and should have been — a very pro-Giff crowd. Just as Howard Dean was losing his grip on the nomination last year, Miller sat gamely through a freezing, hopeless, endless bus trip to New Hampshire, and gamely knocked on doors for his candidate. Last night, Miller guru and Dean advisor Ethan Geto stood in back hooting with particular vigor.

It was Freddy, though, who came closest to making news, bringing the criticism of the West Side Stadium deal just an inch a way from calling for a criminal investigation:

“If we scratch under the surface, there is always something lurking that Mike Bloomberg is working out with some of his buddies in this city,” Ferrer said. “Now, if he were a Democrat from another borough, he might even face an investigation for stuff that he’s doing.” Democracy for Giff