Exclusive: 2006 Senate Race Begins

Not long ago, we gave you an early glimpse of Ed Cox’s campaign for Senate. He’s since put a password on his website, with plans to relaunch at the end of May.

Someone, however, has sent us an image taken from that site, which offers a glimpse of how you run against a Republican in New York State. The site had a ticker running along the top of national Republican news, items like President Bush’s Social Security Plan: Allowing Americans to Take Charge of Their Retirement.

“I think it’s going to be interesting to see if he is indeed running to be a New York Senator who will vote for President Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security,” Clinton advisor Ann Lewis told the Politicker.

Kind of a perfect metaphor for the New York Republican problem. That ticker running across the top of the page.

And so it begins!

Exclusive: 2006 Senate Race Begins