We’re just back from the taping of Kirtzman‘s “face-off” (we’re not allowed to call it a “debate”) between the four Democratic candidates.

It’s worth tuning in Sunday at 11. The show was the first time we’ve seen the candidates really interact with one another. Virginia mixed it up more than she has in the past, Freddy and Gifford shared an odd little moment (“Thanks Freddy. You’re great too.”) and Anthony at some point, inexplicably, said, “We do too much prevaricating.”

But it was the last exchange of the show that stuck with us.

Freddy challenged Anthony on his vote to permit the president to go to war in Iraq, and Weiner responded:

“Where exactly were you during that period? Where were you for our party? Where were you during that debate?”

“Apparently not where you were,” Freddy said. Face-Off