Fighting Words

OK, now they’ve all weighed in. Freddy and Virginia, as we reported earlier, have boasted of their street-fighting past. Last night, Anthony told the downtown crowd, “I may not look like much, but I can handle myself.”

(Gifford, not so much.)

Anyway, we know the word “fighter” is supported by focus-group wisdom.

But one influential observer of city politics writes that he’s getting a little tired of this.

“As someone who has always shied away from physical confrontations, even in my misspent youth, and as the victim of a couple of minor muggings, I find all this boasting from Fields and Ferrer childish and off-putting. Offensive, almost. On the other hand, Miller’s confession didn’t make me want to vote for him either. Maybe it should. It seems to me he was the brave one.”

Fighting Words