Getting Serious

Two campaign staff notes:

Anthony has hired a campaign manager, Mark Benoit, who ran Betsy Gotbaum’s campaign in 2001 and now works for Ken Sunshine.

And Keith Wright has hired Harley-riding consultant Basil Smikle, who used to work for Hillary, for his campaign for Manhattan Borough President.

In Anthony’s case, this means he’s getting his organizational act together in time to file petitions and get on the ballot, dispelling some of the lingering rumors that he’s not really running. In Wright’s case, it also indicates that he’s really in the race.

And with Wright and Bill Perkins — who represent roughly the same Harlem district — running hard for Borough President, it may be difficult for either to win. Which means that the most interesting local race in 2005 may actually be the bid to replace Charlie Rangel in 2006, or whenever, a contest in which Perkins, Wright, Espaillat, and even Virginia are thought to have an interest.

Getting Serious