Giff’s Mug Money

While Freddy remembers Fox Street, Giff is starting to remember some tough times of his own.

He recently told a crowd in Astoria:

“You know, I remember what it was like to grow up in this city when it was really unsafe. I remember when I would go to the park when I was a little boy and my father used to give me $10 when I went to the park, because he wanted me to be able to give that to my mugger so that if someone mugged me, they would have a good experience and not beat me up. And that’s what it used to be like living in New York.”

And in case you’re wondering, Giff got around to answering that question we were asking ourselves when we heard this:

“I’ve only gotten mugged once in my life. I’ve only gotten mugged once. That is what this city used to be like, and not any more.”

By the way, Giff shared this Lethemesque recollection while in Astoria visiting Peter Vallone, Jr., Chairman of the Public Safety Committee. Giff’s Mug Money