Hillary Moves?

We’ve been struggling for a while to describe Hillary‘s political posture, which keeps getting labeled “moving right.”

But Hillary-moves-right partisans will be disappointed by this item in today’s Post, in which she sticks with Senate liberals on an anti-abortion bill we looked at last week.

The Post tries to cast this as Hillary “putting the brakes on her move to the political middle.” But where’s the evidence she ever actually moved on this issue, or others?

We’re starting to think that the right way to cast her big, banal “common ground” speech on abortion is Hillary trying to do something more ambitious than move her position to the center: she’s trying to move the issue, and position herself in the middle of a changed landscape.

In a different context, she pulled this trick off nicely at the Citizens Budget Commission dinner last night: “Here in this room [are] all of the people in America who care about fiscal responsibility.”

Hillary Moves?