Hillary Stays Still

Apologies for linking this Washington Post piece (a version of which also ran in New York) a few days late, but it’s worth reading.

Peter Beinart agrees with our longstanding gripe that despite the attraction of the “Hillary Moves Right” storyline, it happens to be false.

The narrative has gained strength from the fact that everyone seems to like it: the mainstream media, who are looking for signs of a Clinton run for president; some of Hillary’s aides, who see it as affirmation of what the’ve argued all along — that she’s a centrist; and perhaps most of all, the right.

Beinart looks at that last piece and argues:

“The ‘Hillary shifts to the center’ line isn’t innocuous at all. It’s crucial to the campaign that conservatives will wage against her in years to come. That campaign is likely to revolve around character.”

Hillary Stays Still