In Today’s Observer

We profile David Rosen, the Clinton fund-raiser on trial in Los Angeles.

We also try to untangle the troubled Sharpton-Ferrer relationship. And we claim partial, er, credit for starting the trouble.

Matt Schuerman explores Governor Pataki’s, so far fruitless, efforts to wring money for a rail tunnel out of his Republican allies in Washington.

And Lizzy Ratner spent a whole lot of time, well, researching the Prime Grill, world center of Kosher power noshing.

And Jess Bruder heaps the requisite amount of scorn on that new New York theme song you all loved so much, and interviews composer Frank Wildhorn (third item).

Also, the Forward’s E.J. Kessler makes a cameo with her take on the Democrats’ efforts to pick up congressional seats. In Today’s Observer