Kreep vs. Clinton

On the continuing question of whether anti-Hillary campaigners do her more harm or good, we excerpt an email from the folks behind the campaign finance charges in Los Angeles:

The email, which begins “Dear NewsMax Reader,” says Peter Paul and his backer — one Gary Kreep (his real name!) — need $1 million to continue their civil suit against Hillary.

In the email, Paul, who was recently convicted of stock fraud, seems to blame his prosecution by the Bush Justice Department on the Clintons:

“My family and I have paid the ultimate price for believing that truth and justice can prevail, even against the Clintons.”

Kreep (!) seems to back this claim:

“Mr. Paul and his family of five have been threatened, and he has been indicted for actions he took to save his public company after Bill Clinton contributed to its collapse.”

As we said, if these guys didn’t exist, Hillary might have to invent them. Kreep vs. Clinton