Louis Fires Back

We’re not sure why Giff would want to revisit his embarrassing, failed scramble to hire a minority or a woman in one of the council’s two public jobs, chief-of-staff and communications director.

But that’s what somebody in Giff-land has done by placing a Page Six item about Daily News columnist Errol Louis. The item implies Louis has criticized Miller because Miller wouldn’t give him a job.

We worked with Louis at the time in question, and remember talking to him about it at the time. We vividly recall his surprise when someone close to Miller called him to pitch the job, and that the talks never got particularly serious.

Here’s what Errol has to say about it:

“I won’t embarass anybody by naming the outside lobbyists and senior council staffers who picked up the phone in December of 2003 and asked me, out of the blue, to consider working on the staff of the City Council. Although I entertained the idea out of respect for the people who called, I never applied for any job, and am very happy to have moved on to one of the best jobs in American journalism.

“Only in the world of anonymous political hacks would anyone want to trade that in for a pay cut and a chance to flack for the guy running dead last in the polls.”

Ouch. Louis Fires Back